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Solar Ventilator

Ventilation Fans Solar ventilator system is a loft area for both industrial and consumer products, the fan will suck the stagnant heat between the ceiling and roof. In the hot summer, the roof temperature can reach 40 ° C, at this temperature, the heat permeability of the insulation on the ceiling or ceiling itself higher, your room as oi radiation, discomfort and increases the working time of the air conditioning. With the exhaust fan solar energy, indoor temperature will be reduced significantly and the air becomes cool, ventilated and certainly more than the cost of electricity will decrease greatly because then system Air will be offloading. That's because our products utilize endless source of energy from the sun. In the winter months, or the cool, stagnant moisture below the roof can form through which the water will create algae, mold or moisture damaging metal materials. The ventilator air will suck the moisture out of this situation reduces therefore extending the life of the roof as well as equipment and objects below the roof.



Solar roof ventilator on tile roof

Solar roof ventilator on tile roof

Install a Solar Ventilator to quietly remove the heat from inside your roof or ceiling space, all day, starting from first light, to eliminate heat build-up and radiation down into the house from the ceiling.  

Secondly, by also installing a ceiling vent, the solar ventilator can be used to draw the hottest air out of the rooms, provide more comfort and lower indoor temperatures, day and night, whilst possibly saving you a bundle in air conditioning cost.

What is a solar ventilator?

Section view of solar ventilator

Section view of solar ventilator


Great for houses, garages, commercial buildings, offices, factories, warehouses, schools, gyms, nursing homes, holiday cabins, beach houses, caravans & indoor swimming pools.


How does a solar ventilator work?

Ventilators provide solar fresh air source alternative sources of stagnant indoor air by means of forced air exchange with the fan motor . Helps you to control room

temperature , refresh the source of oxygen , removes excess moisture , eliminate odors, smoke,dust, airborne bacteria, heat and CO2 gases . So indoor temperatures always remain stable beyond 35 ° C - 37 ° C .

Diagram showing how solar ventilator cools the roof space

Solar ventilator used to cool the roof space with eave vents.


  • Expels heat and ventilates the roof space, without power bills or carbon emissions.
  • Draws cooler replacement air from outside, or from the ceiling of rooms inside the house.


Diagram showing how solar ventilator cools the living space

Solar ventilator cooling the living space, as well as the roof space.

  • Solar Powered  – Increases comfort, without any running cost – Save hundreds of dollars in energy costs
  • Able to reduce conventional Air Conditioning costs, and live in a fresher air environment.

If you use a roof-mounted ducted air conditioning system, a solar ventilator can dramatically increase the efficiency of that system, by cooling the roof space, and the air conditioner won’t work so hard.

 Solar ventilator on cathedral ceilingSolar ventilator on cathedral ceiling


Comparison of solar ventilators with wind ventilators

  • Solar Ventilator extract more than 10 times the amount of hot air than a wind-driven Whirlybird.
  • The smallest Solar ventilator can remove 10-15 times more hot air than a standard whirlybird, and the larger models remove up to 40% more air than that.
  • The difference in the cooling effect is remarkable.   Ask anyone who has made the change.  The solar ventilator runs hardest when the sun is out, regardless of whether there is any breeze or not.
  • Solar ventilators don’t make noise and cause drafts during windy nights.
  • Solar ventilators extract the hot air fast, exactly when the heat needs extracting – that is, when the sun is shining!   Because of this, they run all day, and the roof space never gets to heat up.


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